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The Best Wine Tours in Sydney

Are you looking for a place to relax and enjoy some wine while on your vacation to Sydney? Or are you searching for some of the excitement of getting up close and personal with the local animals while experiencing the different wines Sydney has to offer? There are many types of wine tours available while in Sydney; it just depends on what type of tour will suit your desires.

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Hunter Valley

One of the most popular tours is the Hunter Valley wine tasting tour. This tour will take you into the finest wineries in the area without you having to worry about driving. The tour guide will shuttle you around in a comfortable vehicle, so you can enjoy the locations and drinks as much as you want. On top of that, the tour includes the Hunter distillery and chocolate tasting tour at no extra charge. Along with its wine, Hunter Valley is also known for its produce and food, so if you choose the Unwind Full Day Tour, it will include lunch and a cheese platter so you can taste the local food as well.

Wine tours Hunter Valley


If you are searching for a combination of wine and wildlife tours, this is the option for you. Kangarrific Tours incorporates beer, wine, chocolate, fudge, cheese, kangaroos, and koalas all in one unique tour. A full day tour in the Hunter Valley area will include tea and a walkabout through the wildlife park. While in the park, you will be able to get up close to a variety of different animals that you will be able to touch. From there, you will have a chance to taste fudge and eat chocolate, go wine tasting, cheese tasting, visit a local brewery, and there’s a delicious lunch option to satisfy all of your taste buds.

Wine Tours Kangarrific


Zepher Tours offers a wide range of tours that include wine, music, and a good time. The Hunter Valley Wine tour optionallows you to take in meals, cheese, wine, beer, and distilled spirits all in one convenient trip. This tour boasts a relaxed atmosphere making it feel like you are among friends, and they also have a music playlist that all people will love. While on the tour, the guide will point you in the direction of the finest wines, boutiques, and liquor that you will have ever had. Included at no extra cost are local stories and interesting commentary.

Wine Tours Zephyr

If you are searching for the perfect wine tour while in Sydney, the Hunter Valley area has many to offer. Most tours depart from Sydney itself in the morning and will drop you off back in the city once the tour has ended. Each one of the tours has unique aspects to it, but all of them will have you tasting the most delicious wine in Australia. Whether you want to be part of a small private group or do not mind meeting new people, each tour has an option for both you and your budget. Make sure you have a chance to taste everything Sydney has to offer on these wine tours.

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