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Do You Really Want to Explore the Great Outdoors?

Do you normally take your holidays in the same places each and every year? Do you have a burning desire to try something different and unique these holidays? If this sounds like you, you might be interested in getting out and exploring Australia’s great outdoors. The country is massive and offers so many unique sights and activities that you could spend a lifetime travelling the roads and always find something new to explore.

 This all sounds good in theory, but if you’re used to popping the family and the suitcases into the family car and driving down to the local beach for a holiday, you might be wondering how you would organise such an extensive road trip. After all, you’re four-door sedan is small enough as it is, and the thought of being stuck behind the wheel for hour after hour without much of a break doesn’t sound too appealing. So, what’s the solution?

Meet Your New Campervan Rental!

Campervans may sound like something reserved only for tourists, but have you ever considered renting a campervan for your own explorations? If you’re picturing a beat up old van from the 1970s, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that campervan design has advanced quite a bit since then. In fact, all modern campervans are designed precisely using CAD software, so you know that there is nothing haphazard about them.

Hiring a campervan, or any other rental car for that matter, isn’t as complicated as it might seem. Fortunately, Australia is home to some of the most innovative companies that offer some of the best and cheapest car rentals.

Companies like these are truly passionate about travelling and are very happy to offer advice based on their own experiences. This sort of local knowledge is invaluable to families looking for a memorable adventure on the road. In fact, a company of this type may also offer some of the best deals around on accommodation, activities, and places to see.

If you’re still wondering why you’d rent a campervan in the first place, here’s a short list of some of the things you can expect:

  • A modern campervan with room for up to four people, depending on the size of vehicle that you rent, which is perfect for the modern nuclear family;
  • unlimited Kilometres included as part of your rental;
  • two double beds;
  • kitchen area;
  • toilet and grey water tank;
  • included linen, cutlery and kitchen ware;
  • DVD player; and
  • a table and extra storage.


A Different Kind of Holiday on the Road

The other great benefit of hiring a campervan for your road trip adventures is that you can stay for as long as you’d like in any place, and simply drive anywhere you want all on your own time. With a campervan, you can enjoy your road trip knowing that you are driving around in your own accommodation, so you won’t have to worry about finding hotels or pitching a tent.

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