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Choosing the Right Pocket Knife for your Hiking Adventure

A pocket knife is an essential item that you have to carry all the time as you go to take an adventure trip. Hopefully, there is no need for you to use this tool during your adventures; however, this is something that can be important in various situations. Make it a habit to always have one as you go hiking. Apart from a first aid kit, classic pocket knives are necessary things that an outdoorsman should have. You can choose from various kinds of multi-tools and pocket knives and it is important to make an informed decision on the knife that would work best for your needs.

Pocket Knife Hiking

You have to know about some things before you pick a pocket knife. Although it is imperative to pick a pocket knife with all the features you want, you need to pick one that feels comfortable in your hand. Pick a knife that fits your action. For a lot of hikers, the size and weight of the knife is the most essential thing to look for. A number of them just want to have a small folding blade while other hikers want a knife that has multiple functions. If you pick a multi-function knife, make sure you know the purpose of each function and how to use each properly. Here are some pocket knives to consider.

hikers knife

The Leatherman

This knife is a great tool to bring as you g out on the trail. This comes with a tool for any situation, whether two different saws, pliers, can opener for both kinds of screwdrivers. This knife is sturdy and well-made. On most of these knives, the main blades and saw blades lock when opened to avoid getting accidentally close on the fingers. A press on the metal spring will release the lock mechanism enabling the blades to fold back in. This kind of knife can be expensive; however, there are many models to pick from. Some comes just with a few tools while others can have at least fifteen tools. Depending on the number of tools, Leathermans are likely to weigh up to two pounds.

The Leatherman

Fixed Blade Knife

This option is famous with hikers, particularly when trailing deep in the backcountry. Typically, the blade is longer than any knife blades available on multi-tools and more durable than the usual blade. Although a fixed blade knife does not come with all features available in multi-tools, you are likely to discover that those features are of no use anyway. Many backcountry hikers use this pocket knife to defend themselves from aggressive animals. With this knife, you just have to pull it out and you have the blade ready, no need to unfold it and you are safe from accidentally pulling the scissors or can opener out rather than the knife blade.

Fixed Blade Knife


Of course, the multi-tool comes with many gadgets making the fixed blade quite cumbersome. So the locking blade knife can be perfect for you. Although the blade is not as long as a fixed blade, it is more rugged and longer than a multi tool knife blade. When you open it, you will see the blade locked and you can unfold it with just one hand.

Multi-Tool Knife

Author Bio – Mike Man is an experienced canyoneer and hiker who has been able to visit very remote places in various countries. He recommends using classic pocket knives when taking an adventure.

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